Sunken Treasure- Pirate Octopus Cake

This cake turned out super cute. The octopus was made from homemade marshmallow fondant. It is so much fun to work with homemade fondant plus the added benefit of the delicious marshmallow taste.

However, the only downfall is that it is really challenging  to use when making figurines and other shapes that need to hold their shapes.As you might have noticed the Octopus’ tentacles flopped over.  I am not sure how to make it harden better.  If you have any suggestions drop me a comment.  I am not sure if adding meringue power would do the trick but who knows…


Destination Wedding Cake

Just put this cake together for a friend of mine.  Turned out pretty good with only some minor complications on the journey. Glad I packed some extra icing  to touch things up.

 Congratulations Lindsay and Mike.

R2D2 Inspired

Ok so  I am not a Star Wars buff ,but, I came pretty close with this cake.  I was asked to make R2D2 for a friend’s son’s birthday.  I would have to say awesome!

 Can’t wait to deliver it to the birthday party!

I created a small” how to” below.  If you have any other suggestions feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.  Thanks Enjoy!


recipes for your favorite cake and icing

3-6″ round pan, 1 side of the small ball pan, white icing, fondant (white-body, dark blue or gray-dome, blue-body panels) and rice crispies, and I suggest for reference a picture or toy of R2D2.

How to…

  1. Stack 3-6″ rounds: one  on top of another layered with buttercream icing. Then use the  small ball pan to create the dome on top.  Ice the entire cake then cover with white fondant. 
  2. Next, Dark blue or gray fondant should be used to create the dome cover.  Simply place on top of dome then trim to fit.
  3. Using rice crispies create the legs. Ice legs with a thin coat then cover in fondant. Attach legs using a tooth pick.  Rice crispies were also used to create the camera eye but fondant could also be used.
  4.   Once that is set you are ready to place various panels using white, gray and dark blue. It just depends on how much detail you want or how much time is available.
  5.  To add some finishing touches use a knife or fondant tool to create a body panel look around the other fondant details.
  6. ENJOY!

I’m Loving Lots of Lemon!

I just finished baking/decorating some lemon cupcake tasters.  A client asked me to make a wedding cake with lemon cake and lemon filling and lemon icing. My first reaction was’s going to be lip smacking sour.  I decided to do some cupcake tasters, and to my surprise.. I totally fell in love!

Here is the finished product: