Just another Project!

As a summer project now that ESY is over, I have started creating math bags/kits for my students to take home and work on with their families for actual math practice. I have found numerous sites with various templates and ideas for already made KITs.

Check these out:

The Corner Store for Teachers

Laura Chandler

Kids Count 1234

Math Tub Fun

Take Home Bags

I bought a bunch of neat dice that are shaped like tops.  I taped on paper with larger numbers so they could be used for a multiplication games.

One of the bags I created consists of a few things I gathered from the dollar section at Target and the Dollar Tree (both my favorites). I gathered the following materials:

Time Bingo boards (Target 1$)

Set of 3 Foam Tic-Tac-ToeBoards  (Dollar Tree =1$)

I cut out the clocks from the Bingo board and hot glued them onto the tic-tac-toe and amazingly get one cool activity. 🙂  I think glue dots would have saved me a few seconds.

In another bag, I created a football game board to use with multiplication/division, with printable cards to type math facts on or write sight words on.

Here are the PDFs.  Math End Zone Directions and Cards     END ZONE math game board

One comment on “Just another Project!

  1. You read my mind with the tic-tac-toe boards!!! Are you using all of your bingo boards or do you have any extras? PS> I am going to add this post to my fan page….

    Learning Ahoy

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