Shoot for the Moon!

I am teaching 3rd grade special education or the third year.  I will be co-teaching in numerous classes throughout the day and will also be teaching a resource class pulling students from 2-3 different homerooms. I have used numerous types of classroom management such as flip cards, caught being good.  The challenge is that each homeroom uses something different.  I have difficulty remembering what teacher uses what system. It is not possible to have 3 different systems in my resource room.  I think I am going to do a combination of the following:

I have decided to go with a Space theme Because Ms. Flynn is the queen of the universe…

Compliment chain: a chain made of paper that hangs from the ceiling, whenever my class compliments each other or gets a compliment from  another teacher (for good behavior in the hallway, or any other type of positive behavior), I add a link to the chain. When the chain reaches the floor, the kids receive a popcorn party. It’s a positive way to promote good behavior!

Clip Chart for good behavior:

This consists of a color coded chart with clothes pins where the kids move up or down depending on behaviors.  In the next few weeks I plan on creating a larger poster that is shaped like a rocket ship.  I will post pictures soon….hopefully..

Reaching for the Stars in Ms. Flynn’s Room!

Check out My PDF   Reaching for the Stars poster

Here are some other links to Check OUT:

Check out this free resource:

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