Don’t you love Organized Clutter?

So… I have been researching and googling various ways to organize the clutter that I call my classroom.  Although I am often told that things  appear to be organized…I just feel so inefficient.. with piles here and there and everywhere I have decided with some support from Caitlin and encouragement from Jessica that I will be attempting the impossible.. I will be posting photos in the near future of my newly organized classroom. Out with the trash and in with the organized.

I have various storage boxes, baskets and such that I have collected. I just happened to have an extra silverware storage thingy.. I decided to clean out my desk and use it to organize my pens and various sticky notes  and office supplies..  Proudly, I can say I have managed to keep my desk organized for one whole week…did I mention it is still summer!

I am also looking forward to creating new storage boxes that will double as seats made from filing crates, plywood, and a cushion. These crates will hold my center activities and puzzles, which will create more room on my shelves for books.. YAY Caitlin..Glad you shared this great Idea!!!

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